Is it legal?

In brief, information from the Department for Transport states that "when an A-frame is attached to a vehicle (e.g. a motor car) and towed by a motor vehicle (e.g. a motorhome) we believe the A-frame and car become a single unit and as such are classified in legislation as a trailer". "We believe the use of A- frames to tow cars behind other vehicles is legal provided the braking and lighting requirements are met".

Does my frame need to be braked?

All towing frames for leisure purposes, regardless of the weight of the tow car, must have a braking system that is operative.

How does the braking system work?

We fit a brake cable to the tow car which attaches to the foot pedal. Once the pin connection is made to the towing frame, and you are all hooked up, the braking system then works in the same way as an over-run system found on most trailers / caravans.

What happens with the steering?

You will need to leave a key in the accessory position in the tow car to release the steering lock. The natural castor action will then allow the car to follow the motorhome / towing vehicle.

What about electrics / lights?

In most cases, we wire directly into the tow car loom, leaving a 7 pin socket at the front of the vehicle to allow easy plug in. The power is provided by the motorhome / towing vehicle, which then illuminates the relevant light clusters on the tow car. However, on certain vehicles this is not possible. This is overcome by a neatly fitted lighting board.

What is the maximum weight of car I can tow?

We manufacture 2 different rated frames. The maximum weight car you can tow on a Car-a-Tow towing frame is 1600kg (1.6 ton)

Can I reverse with the frame?

But it will take some practice!

How much does the frame weigh?

Approximately 20kg

What do I do about displaying the correct registration number?

A number plate needs to be made to match your motorhome / towing vehicle. This then attaches to the tow car by means of our specially designed spring loaded number plate clips.

Can I tow an automatic?

Some automatic 4x4 vehicles can be flat towed, however we advise that you contact the vehicle manufacturer for confirmation that it is safe to do so. Also certain tiptronic or semi automatics can be towed, but again, this is subject to customers seeking advice from the car manufacturer.

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