Towing Frame Kit
The CAR-A-TOW system
Complete braked towing frame.
Available fitted or as a D.I.Y. kit.
See our price list for more details.
Individual items of the Towing Kit
can be purchased seperately.

Car towing bar

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for more information.

Car towing bar Number Plate Brackets

Number Plate Clips
For use on the rear of the towed vehicle.

Electrics Kit

Electrics Kit
Wiring loom complete with 7-pin connector and spade clips to allow a permanent electrical hookup.

Locking Pins

Eye Bolt Kit

Brake Link Cable
Connects the Car-A-Tow Towing Frame to the brake cable at the front of the car.

Yoke & Strop Brake Cable Kit

Braking Cable Kit
Includes cable, locking pins and washers for the bulkhead.

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